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Grace and Grit

"HIGHLY recommended, it's a great book." "Grace and Grit was well written and very enjoyable." "I really enjoyed reading about these amazing, adventurous women. The book is very well written and captures the spirit these fearless women had. Great book." These are just a few quotes from readers who have read this book and given it five star ratings on sites such as Amazon.

True stories of adventure, courage, and indomitable spirit deserve to be part of the public domain to educate, fascinate, and prove once again the rewards that await those who dare to try. The women who are the stars of this book had the right stuff—the character, grit, courage, and resourcefulness—to pull off historic and adventurous travel at a time when such journeys were a decidedly difficult proposition. When the complete story is told within the full setting of time, place, and circumstances, one can more fully appreciate the legends they fashioned by their deeds. The adventures and accomplishments of Effie and Avis Hotchkiss, Della Crewe, Augusta and Adeline Van Buren, and other women whose true stories appear in this book transcend generations. Share the stories of these marvelous women and at the same time learn about our country as it existed a century ago; a place that Americans today would be hard pressed to recognize.


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Ride Michigan

Hot off the presses in late 2014. Ride Michigan replaces the very popular Motorcycling Across Michigan, which entertained and educated riders for nine years and three editions. Routes described in Ride Michigan take motorcyclists down scenic country roads and through small forgotten towns to those lesser-known and uncrowded places riders love to see. Thirty four chapters of fun reading make for even more enjoyable riding throughout Michigan and around the Great Lakes. It's a great resource for automobile tourists as well.
Ride Michigan was selected as one of six finalists in the country for Foreword Magazine's (a literary journal) Book of the Year Award for the Adventure & Recreation category!

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Motorcycling Across Wisconsin

It's all here. In addition to nineteen described tours across the state the book's appendix contains pages of helpful information about dealers and repair shops, emergency numbers, and much more.

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Motorcycling Across Ohio

"I absolutely love this book - I have read it from cover to cover twice." This is just one of many reviewer comments made with 5-star recommendations. Everything a rider dreams of is in Ohio -- twisting roads, wonderful scenery, hundreds of natural and man-made attractions, exploration of fascinating historic sites that include frontier forts, battlefields, Native American cultural sites, 19th century canals, and dozens of charming covered bridges over rustic streams. NOTE - MCXOH IS NOW OUT OF PRINT. I AM DOWN TO 2 COPIES IN MY INVENTORY - WHEN THESE ARE SOON SOLD THE BOOK WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE.

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Motorcycling Across Indiana

See Indiana the best way possible - atop a motorcycle amidst the beauty to be found in the Crossroads of America.

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Souvenirs of War

"William Murphy has written what is simply the best combat memoir of the Vietnam War." is how one 5-star reviewer summarized his feelings about this book. Souvenirs of War is a true and personal story of a generation that came of age under the clouds of war; a generation that was affected in every imaginable way by the Cold War and the distant and unpopular war being waged in Vietnam. It's also a story of war up close and personal. The reader will experience the powerful emotions, the fears and the brotherhood of combatants trying to stay alive in the steamy jungles of Vietnam.

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Get more out of your riding experiences with unique motorcycle touring guides. Reduced prices on all guides purchased through this site, and all books will be signed, and dedicated if the purchaser requests. An autographed book with a personalized note to the recipient makes a great gift even more special. Treat yourself or a special person to a surprise they will really appreciate motorcycling books unlike any others, or a military history memoir about one of our nation's most contentious periods for the veterans or history buffs in your life.

I am a proud and serious biker with over 40 years riding experience, (Road name WNDRR) a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, a fan of history, and a wanderer who likes nothing more than exploring the country on two wheels. I'm the author of seven books. The motorcycling travel guides, published by Arbutus Press, tell readers more about the people, fascinating places, attractions, great roads, and the history of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin than many people will discover in a lifetime. They are also 100% my personal labor of love based on my saddle time and experiences, with all expenses paid from my wallet - not sponsors. I receive no corporate support, backing, money, advice, direction, or pressure. The books are about motorcycling, not brand loyalty or advertising dollars. RoadRUNNER motorcycle magazine reviewed the books and gave them high praise, calling them "fun and informative reads". Besides writing books about motorcycling I've also had articles published in motorcycle enthusiast magazines. The two most recent were in Rider Magazine - in the August 2013 and July 2014 editions of Rider, which featured favorite rides in Ohio and Michigan, respectively.